How to train for a climbing event

Hello Fascat athletes,

I have just signed up for a 6 week SST level 1 program. I would like some tips/suggestions for an event that I intend to participate in September this year. It’s around 120km with around 3500m of climbing. It has pretty much all the hard climbs in my area (around 13 climbs ranging from 1km- 3km @ average gradient of 9% and some has max gradient of around 25%). Any suggestions on how to train for such a brutal event would be much appreciated.
Thank you

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We have a 6 week Fondo plan that you could start 7 weeks out before.

Fondo plan.

You are on the right track starting with sweet spot and building up your CTL. Between that and the Fondo you could choose a road race plan. That would have more efforts that mimic climbs like that such as Vo2 max intervals. Working on your ability to ride full gas from 2-6 minutes. Seems that will be the duration of the climbs. Good to work on that even though each one won’t be full gas but preparing yourself for that type of effort.

Try to ride a route similar in training.

Road race plan.

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Thank you Jake. Sorry to ask this here as I am sure it would have been raised elsewhere. Where I live we are about to get into Winter so less outdoor rides for me. I am currently on 6 week FTP plan that i intend to finish mostly outdoors. But in 6 weeks times, I can only do indoor rides, so does that mean I need to do an indoor FTP test and set my zones accordingly? The reason I ask is that in the past when I did an indoor FTP test, the numbers varied significantly with my outdoor numbers ( variance of around 40 W). Fan positioned correctly and use the power data from my powertap (so that source is the same for both indoors and outdoors) i.e.I dont use my wahoo power.

You should set your indoor FTP if you’ll be training indoors. This way you have an accurate number. Indoors most athletes seem to have a 5% drop in their FTP.

Read this training tip per Coach @Jake’s recommendation for an indoor field test: