50% OFF Plans for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale, starts Tuesday Nov. 26th

Hey Coalition Members!

FasCat’s Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotion will offer 50% OFF all training plans starting on Tuesday November 26 thru Tuesday December 3rd.

Save 50% sitewide with code FAST50. Code does not apply to coaching subscriptions or one on one coaching. As a valued training plan customer we want you to be the first to know about this sale beginning Nov 26th.

This is also a heads up if you have questions about training and/or which training plan to do, to ask now in advance before the melee of the sale begins. IOW we want to serve you in the next 6 days before the sale begins.

Thank you in advance and Happy Thanksgiving !!!






This may seem like a dumb question (or perhaps already asked) but here goes. :smile:
Can I purchase a training plan(s) in advance knowing I will use it in the future? Right now I am the middle of the off season resistance training/sweet spot 1 plan, but I know after that I will be advancing on to more Sweet Spot plans or Marathon Mountain Bike plan. I could save a few bucks now and have those plans on deck, so to speak. I would just have them in my TrainingPeaks workout library for when I want them.

Thank you!

meyers.mick6 - Yes! After you purchase a plan, you’ll be able to choose any (future) start date after the plan has been added to your TrainingPeaks library. You’ll also be able to repeat that plan anytime in the future (the plan is yours forever).

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Correct - the plans live in your training plan library forever. You can choose any start date you want in the future and follow them over and over year after year.

By planning ahead now you can save yourself 50% and use that extra cashorola on bike parts :moneybag:

Yes! Or buy the coaching subscription, which I do during MTB race season. You guys are awesome! Thanks!


Can I buy multiple plans at the 50% rate or just one?

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You can buy one million plans :money_mouth_face:

You may only use the only coupon twice. IOW 2 Carts/ checkouts .

If you do buy multiple plans - accept them in your training plan library and you can apply them to start at any future date you want. They are yours forever and you can do them year after year


Recommendation for plan to purchase after 18 week SS? This takes me to start of race season. I’ve no A target , just race. Which is best for the spring ,summer period. Road race in season, road intervals,stage race intervals?? Thanks.

Thanks for your Q @johnmccambridge - you are on the right track bc this is our “Switch from base to Race” approach as shown about here:

It depends on what you are training for - get specific. If a Stage Race then our Stage Race Intervals plan. If road races, our road intervals plan and so forth for criteriums, XC MTB, time trials, hill climbs, etc…

After you’ve done the road intervals plan and are racing regularly then you are ready for the ‘in season’ plan

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And remember - all our plans come with free codes and discounts from our partners

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Thanks Frank. Sounds good.

I am about halfway through the 18 wk sweet spot plan. I am hoping to get into DK200, what would you suggest for the next plan(s) so that I am prepared for the 200 mile race?


Hey Coaches,
I am currently doing the resistance and sweet spot base plan. I was planning on doing the Collegiate Pre-season and In-season plans after I finished as it would have me finishing right around conference champs and hopefully nationals. However, my collegiate Season starts the last week of February which is also the week after I finish my current plan. Should I still do the Pre-Season Plan next or would I be better off going right to the In-season plan or something different all together? Thanks!

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Hi @davidburstein - yes, those are going to be the 2 best plans for your collegiate season.

You can edit out one week of the Collegiate Pre-Season plan to make both plans fits before Nationals. Good luck!

Thanks for the Guidance!

I plan on doing some mtn bike races next spring-summer and Steamboat Gravel in August. Would it be very far from ideal to do the sweet spot mtn bike and mtn bike intervals plans up until the Steamboat specific plan? (I already have the regular ‘hill intervals’ plan that I did this last summer before the Crusher plan- those were awesome!!)

I’m trying to not go crazy in buying ALLTHEPLANS :wink: so if it’s better to do the general Gravel plan before the Steamboat one, I’ll cut out a mtn bike plan. Thanks!

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Hi Wendy - all the plans is fine :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Since you mentioned Steamboat, I’ll suggest our Steamboat specific plan which is very similar to the Gravel plan except the Timing of it all , is lined up just right:

But like you mentioned our sweet spot marathon and xc intervals are going to be your go to’s next Summer. Build your base nice n high beforehand with our sweet spot plans :white_check_mark::ok_hand:

I already have the 18 weeks of SS and the gravel plan but want to know what to do after. I am doing a few longer distance gravel events like DK200 and MI Coast to Coast (210 Miles). What plans to you recommend to add to what I have.

Right on @philthomas - since its only November and the DK is a long ways away I’d start our 10 week resistance training plan and then do the 18 weeks > gravel lead into May 29, 2020