Road racing interval timing

I did the32 week sweetspot plan followed by the climb intervals.

Just did the axelmerckx grand fondo 160 km
this past Sunday in penticton, British Columbia.
Got close to top 10% overall out of 1067 riders.

Stuck with the fast group for the first 130 km
Then fell off the last 20 km.

I have another big fundraiser in the Rockies [aug 23-25doing about 400km [in 3 days

Is it good time to do the road racing interval
plan now, or should I just do more tempo and sweetspot?

I’m looking to have more power at the end of these big races.

Hi there @emailsashi - intervals are one of the best ways to increase your power. Seems like your ‘base’ is already good so yes, I’d do some VO2 max intervals from the road intervals plan.

This is what we podcasted about in the “Switch from Base to Race” episode

Great, thanks Frank !

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