Need a plan recommendation

Hi Fascat,

Need a plan recommendation. I have done FTP builder on Zwift (May-Jul 20) and TrainerRoad low volume plan for rolling road race (SSB I, II, Build) (Jul - Dec 20).

Currently planning for 2021 and I’m considering the plans from Fascat.
My current goals are:

  1. Complete a century 160km solo or group in good speed. (Less than 5.5 hours) Current best is 112km in 3h51m. Flat course.

  2. Join a rolling hill race and finish with the pack. 140km with 4000ft of climbing

Look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.

This is how we would typically set up a training cycle for our athletes:

3 week foundation plan
10 week resistance training program (weight training)
18 weeks of sweet spot training (sweet spot 1, 2 and 3)
6 wees interval training (road race interval or Fondo plan for you)
Event or Goal.

So it sort of depends on when your events are. It appears you have already done several weeks of base training so would likely start an advance base program like sweet spot 3 which starts to introduce some intensity. Then you would do a specific 6 week interval plan. Maybe our Fondo plan to prepare for a 100 mile ride. But this would be 12 weeks from now.

If you want more time between I would highly recommend our sweet spot 4 plan! This can be another way to get mix in aerobic training and intervals before starting the 6 week Fondo plan. With have done so much base and sweet spot training getting this polarized training can be super beneficial to you.

So I would recommend Sweet spot 3 plan. Then go to sweet spot 4. Then do our Fondo plan. That would set you up to do your 100 mile ride in 18 weeks.

Then to prepare for your rolling hill race I would recommend doing another round of sweet spot training to build your base back up and then our road race interval plan.

And as a note we do have our full offseason plan which gives you the foundation plan, resistance training, and 18 weeks of sweet spot. But also we do have our 18 weeks of sweet spot training which is sweet spot 1, 2 and 3. There is good value to buying the bundles.


Thanks for the detailed reply, Jake!

I see that the plans have multiple days selection based on my availability. May I ask if i purchase a basic plan (max 8hrs), will i be able to change it to intermediate in the future?

Thanks again.

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Hey @mephisto.waltz – you can most definitely! All you’d need to do is contact us on here or by email ( and we can upgrade you to the intermediate plan :slight_smile:

Bought the full offseason bundle! :slight_smile:

Would you recommend I start all over?(Foundation plan → Resistance Trg → 18wks SST)

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It depends @mephisto.waltz !
When do you want to be ready to go after the goals that you listed above?

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Hi Lacey,

Thanks for the reply. Preferably by end of the year.

I cleared the first week of foundation. Felt awesome. I did the group ride together with the endurance and managed 287 TSS instead of the planned 122 TSS (47+78). From my reading of the forum, it seems like it is not recommended to do combine workouts?