Returning to training after illness

A question I suspect many have (or, unfortunately, will have). I’ve missed the last 3-4 weeks of training due to illness. I was on Week 8 of the CX off season 24 week plan. At least I got the bulk of my lifting done before gyms closed…

What I’ve done is write off weeks 8-10 (again, no gym access) and shift week 11 (regeneration and test week) one week later to give me an additional week to recover. My CTL is pretty much shot, and I suspect that the FTP testing reveals will be so low that I’m not in too much danger of hitting it too hard too soon during the sweetspot phase of training.

Is this a good strategy? In almost 20 years of structured training, I’ve never missed this much time due to illness, so I’m really at a loss as to how to approach this.

Focus is obviously 'cross… hoping we have a season.

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Moving this question over to for our upcoming Q&A pod this Thursday

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