Time off during weights plan for Covid

I know a similar question has been asked, but my circumstances are a bit different.

I have been using the 30 week off season plan and was just about to start the strength phase of the weight training phase. Unfortunately I got Covid over the weekend and am taking some time off. Good news is the symptoms are mild so it shouldn’t be too long.

I have 2 questions: 1. when I am ready to start back, should I pick up where I left off, i.e., strength 1, or do I need to work my way up to that point again? I don’t have any events I am training for so I’m not on a specific time frame and can push things back a week or two. 2. Other option is to just jump into the sweet spot plan. Would I need to do any of the sprint workouts to tie things together before starting the sweet spot plan?

Thanks for your help!

I posted a similar question but didn’t get any specific advice. So, I’ll just relay my experience. I had COVID about three weeks ago and also had very mild symptoms - two days with a mild cough and a vague sense of brain fog for about three days.

I was about halfway through the 16-week sweet spot plan when I tested positive. I stayed off the bike for five days and shifted my training calendar forward in time by one week. After five days, when I felt more or less normal, I started with an hour on the bike at zone 1 on Zwift. I stuck to zone 2 indoor rides for the next few days until I felt confident that I wouldn’t have any issues jumping back into regular training. Then I just jumped back in and picked up where I left off on my plan.

Good luck and I wish you a quick recovery.

Thanks for the response. I appreciate the feedback and your personal experience. Feeling better each day.

I’m hoping @FRANK or another coach can chime in on the specific question about weights or moving onto sweet spot. I’m NOT requesting medical advice on training just where to jump back in when the time is right.

hey @jgoodban - unfortunately this is too complicated of a question to pose in this forum because we need to know

a) what you are training for
b) when your goals are (timing)
c) how old your are
d) how severe you were sick
e) training load, past present and future
f) where you live, life situation, time to train etc…

These are all questions and answers having a Coach will have at their fingertips in order to have a discussion with you. And of course it should go without saying it is your Doctor and your body who gets to say when you can resume training. It is unethical for us to give advice on the contrary.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. You have a great plan it is will be up to you to choose when and where to get back on it. My coaching advice is not to skip anything and go back and repeat some of the adaptation. But that may be bad advice if your goals are coming up soon, sorry!

This really is a great example of the value of hiring a coach as opposed to following a plan. It like Mike Tyson says, ‘everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face’ and then they need coaching help.


Thanks @FRANK ! I had a feeling it was a complex question.

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