Getting sick during sweet spot

Hey all, just finished up the cx offseason resistance plan which is great, just getting into some great sweet spot building and caught a wicked cold that caused me to miss a whole week of training. Cx is a long ways away, just wondering do I stick with the plan progression or do I go back and do the training sessions I missed pushing my plan completion back a week? Thanks so much

Sorry about that @jusmooit - what phase were you in? With that answer I can advise. Not knowing I’d still be inclined to advise you to just pick up where you left off since CX is 4 months away.

Second week of the the sweet spot plan after the cx resistance plan. Thanks

Yea, that is no big deal - get back on the plan where you left off and listen to your body as you start back up. Good luck!

I have the same question but not sure I understand what the answer was here.

I am in Wk3 of SS Base 1. I did the 4x10 SS workout and got sick the next day. It looks like I will be out of commission thru the weekend, maybe picking up some Z2 if I’m lucky.

Should I repeat Wk3 or just pick up in the Wk4 Regeneration week? I do not have an event planned so finish date is not an issue.

Thank you!

Hi @DV02Min - hope you get better soon and feel well soon.

Its difficult to answer that question in our forum due to factors we podcasted about here

Mostly because it is a coaching question wher we use our knowledge about you to advise you how to follow your plan, the revision, etc…

Since finish date is not an issue you could even go back a repeat week 2 presuming your CTL took a hit.

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Thanks, Frank. What is the easiest way to adjust all the weeks (18-wk SS) in Training Peaks if I wanted to go back to week 2?

Likely the easiest way to do this is to un apply and then re apply the plan on the appropriate date and then delete the first week.

You may edit your plan for day-to-day edits as well as week-to- week cut (you can copy and paste blocks of workouts or entire weeks) as described here:

With regards to getting sick also give this a read from the EF Team Doc about “What to do when you get sick” the clif notes answer is always wait a day or too longer to ride AND my favorite don’t self diagnose - go see your doc!

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Great read. Thanks for the help, Frank & Isaiah.

Regarding the moving around of the plan, I found out today that TP has a cool shift function where you can pick all workouts in a date range and then shift them by days or weeks. It was quite easy to adjust the plan downward and copy the workouts that I had already completed.

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Hi, @DV02Min would you mind giving detailed instructions on how to do this in TP.
I tried to figure out, did not find out how to do it.
Tried to seek for answer from TP’s help section, but no success.

For a single day workout it is a left click, drag 'n drop.

For multiple workouts its shift/control to highlight a week (for example) - and you can copy and paste.

I believe Coach @Jake has made a video in the past demonstrating…

@Johku, I can look later today when I have access to my computer but as I recall, you can either right click on the first workout you want to shift or that small little arrow on the left side of the beginning of the week, and then the window that pops up will give you a move option. In there, you’ll be able to choose to move the workout or shift all workouts.

I can’t find the video from Coach Jake at the moment. This link is a little older but the process seems close to what I recall:

Sorry no video :disappointed: But maybe that will be my weekend project! That question comes up often as riders are getting sick, starting plans again, vacations and etc.

I usually just copy and paste per week. I use the menu on the right hand of the calendar under summary. Then just copy and paste. With a short 6 week plan it is fine but with the longer 18 or 32 week plan you would want to do the shift or even unapply and reapply.

Ok, I was afraid to unapply as I was worried the plan could disappear. (I think that happened to me oncenwith another coach’s plan…

If it were to disappear, it shouldn’t, we would be more than happy to send it to you again.

Your plan(s) live forever in your Training plan library for you to choose any start date and follow as many times as you want :white_check_mark: