Coming back to weights after covid

hi all,

i had the misfortune of testing positive for covid last week. i was in week 6 of weights and base – definitely feeling the gains. i’m following the recommendation of my physician to take ten full days off, even though my symptoms were very mild. i plan to start riding on monday, doing short, low intensity workouts, just to get a sense of where my body is at. i’ve come back from sickness in the past. i know it requires patience. but, the body is amazing, and eventually bounces back.

what i’m wondering about is how to return to the strength training part. i know how to adjust my plan in training peaks. is it wise to pick up where i left off (the start of week 6)? or should i back up a few weeks, lightening the load, and resume with week 3 or 4? i know much of this will be subject, and depends on how i feel. i was planning to do some gravel racing in late march, but i might just use those early events to focus on skills. again, it depends on how quickly my body bounces back. hearing about covid long haulers and such, i’m ok with taking my time. thanks! and, be well everyone!

Hi Robert!

Sorry ty hear you got Covid. Unfortunately too many of us have been dealing with that.

You are right about there being many different factors at play here. First you need to listen to your doctor. You need to get healthy and not expect it to be over night. Also do not rush it or try to build it back in a day. So you are smart by knowing its going to be a process and you will have to lower the workload. First few rides 30 minute zone 1, work up to zone 2 and an hour. I wouldn’t do any more than zone 2 for a week or two. Make sure you are recovering, not having any symptoms or set backs. Remember everyone will be different. And again follow the advice of your doctor.

As far as the training goes I may just suggest going to sweet spot training when you are recovered. Racing in March only leaves you 6 - 8 weeks from now. To get the most out of those races in terms of even training you would want some fitness going in. I would recommend our 16 week sweet spot plan once you are fully recovered and have a week or two of easy riding under your belt. Use the March races as early season sweet spot group rides. Once you are closer to an event you want to target you can transition into our 6 week gravel plan, 6 weeks before.

Remember we are not doctors so you will need to listen to your doctor first. Don’t rush back as I’m sure there are plenty of races all summer and fall long so lots of time to get healthy and back on track. Each individual seems to handle Covid a bit different. So listen to your body and don’t rush back.


all solid advice. thank you! i am all too aware of the dangers of rushing back. a few years ago, in pre-covid times, i had the flu. thought i had recovered enough (read: i got impatient). went too hard too soon, and ended up with pneumonia. i was off the bike for six weeks. the worst part was those weeks were during june and july. needless to say, i learned my lesson. if extra rest now means years more of riding, then i’m ok with that. thanks, again!