Coming back from injury

Hi Fascaters,

Looking for some advice about returning to structured training…
I was forced to take some time off at the end of the Strength phase of my 24 week CX off-season plan after suffering a knee injury at the end of March.
I’m planning to begin the 12 week Sweet Spot phase of the plan this week, but I want to know if I should still complete all 12 weeks of the program before switching over to a CX interval program at the end of August… OR if I should end Sweet Spot earlier, and begin CX intervals plan at the beginning of August, for example.

Included my Performance Management Chart for reference…

Thank you for your help!

Depends on when your first and last cross race or if you have a high priority A cross race early on.

If your looking to do well through a cross series or your priority race is later in the season than stick with doing the full 12 weeks now. But if for whatever reason your A priority cross race is late August or early September you will want to get the cross specific workouts in before hand.

Looks like you will will have really nice ramp and build in your CTL before cross season! That is good once the season gets rolling it turns into race and recovery and you want that fitness to carry over! So getting a full 12 weeks of sweet spot in before hand will be super beneficial.

Also don’t forget your skills practice and running with out original “Six Weeks till Cyclocross” Plan - a must do for all CX athletes. You want to begin this plan mid July to mid- August. Then you can move onto CX intervals

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Thank you both for the reply. My priority races aren’t until mid October, so i’ll do the 12 sweet spot – with some running and cx drills beginning late July.

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I would agree with this approach, too. Better to go in to the season late and fully prepared rather than earlier and under prepared. You may race less, but you’ll have more success. (Hey, that rhymes!)