Covid Interrupted Plan

Hey guys,
Back in November I purchased and started the 32 week plan and have been following it up until 4 weeks ago when I tested positive for covid.

I just went through 3 weeks of downtime to give myself time to rest and heal. My energy levels were so low because of covid I couldn’t do anything.

It’s now been 4 weeks since my first symptoms and I’ve been slowly starting back on the trainer, doing a few 30 min zone 2 rides this week to see how I felt, didn’t want to push it too hard too fast. Plus, it gave me time to work on winning in the kitchen. So far so good, and I’m feeling 100% and ready to get back into my plan.

My question is, I was on my last day of the hypertrophy phase when I stopped my plan, so with being out for 3 weeks, where should I start back in training?

I am not training for any particular A race, but I do have some local 3 hour style XC races I’ll be doing about once a month, with the first one hopefully Feb 28th. My original plan was to use those races as my “group rides” that I’d usually do on Saturdays.

I feel like I should repeat the hypertrophy phase as it’s been 4 weeks since the legs have seen any action, but I’m not sure how much prep work I need to allow myself.

Also, how would I adjust my plan inside training peaks? The calendar says I should be in the power phase now.



I have a similar question. My sweet spot plan was interrupted due to injury. How should I (we) adjust our plans when shite happens?

Hey @mike4 you can adjust your plan as detailed in this training tip.

If you are wanting to peak for the july - august range, I would recommend jumping into the sweet spot part of your plan (week 14) which will take you through SS parts 1-3 (part 1 is a great place to restart training as the volume/intensity is lower). This will allow you to do 6 weeks of race specific intervals before any big races. If you redid your strength training you wouldnt have enough time to build up your aerobic endurance.

To do that, you would shift your plan starting from a certain date via the instructions below:

Click on the “hamburger button” that is on the upper right hand side of your weeks training summary for week 14 of your plan, then choose move “items within a specified date range” and choose the monday of week 14 of your 32 week off season plan. Then press “move to specified start date” and then choose the day you will resume training. Screenshots below for your reference 🙂

Hope that helps!