Resuming training

Hey there! So I ended my season a week ago. I did so because I was just beat, I didn’t have the motivation or ability to dig deep anymore so I figured it was time. So I’ll be off the bike for 12 days or so and plan to start the 16 week base plan at the end of November. I know the plan will most likely suggest a 20 minute test to start but I’m wondering if that’s necessary. My last test was at the end of august/early September and it was a personal best. I see some pro riders will test and others will just subtract a given percentage. The one I’m thinking of specifically just subtracted 12% from their latest ftp and will resume training from there. Am I doing myself a disservice by just subtracting this percentage? Also I’m wondering if this rider just knows from recent years that he typically experiences a 12% drop after off season or if that’s a number derived from other data.

Hi @chad.davis - I think you are doing yourself a disservice from not testing :wink:

Also - don’t compare yourself to others on social media, control what you have control over! (yourself)


Yeah I would never guess or just subtract a percentage based on others. I would recommend you do the field test. If you wanted since you had the time off from riding you could just switch the first two Tuesdays around. So do the field test the second Tuesday and the first Tuesday just the 3 x 10 minute sweet spot workout.

Of course what do you do about what power to ride at. Over the course of 12 days off you shouldn’t lose a lot so just start at the lower end of the zone / target. Can also just ride off of feel. You’ve done sweet spot before and it should feel hard but not over the top racing hard. Remember your heart rate will be higher as well with the time off but this can be something you use to gage effort as well.

Or just FtFP which you can’t go wrong with. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@FRANK and @Jake thanks gents! Looks like I’m doing a 20min test!

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@FRANK and @Jake. Just wanted to report back and say I did do the test a few weeks ago. And I’m starting at the highest numbers I’ve started at in the last 2-3 years since I’ve been doing structure, which is also a testament to fascat training plans, as I started fascat 9 months ago. The result of one month of no structure and 10 days off of the bike was a 6% drop. I’m a few weeks into the new 16 week ss plan and I’m feeling amazing and loving the plan. starting at 354, I can’t help but wonder if a 400 watt ftp is in the cards for this upcoming year?! LFG!!!

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