Hypertrophy Phase

I’m in the Hypertrophy phase and I’m having trouble reading the spreadsheet that came with the plan. There are 8 sessions for the plan in Training Peaks. But only 6 session on the spreadsheet. Am I reading this correctly? Thanks

The hypertrophy workouts alternate between heavy days and light days per the designations in the Trainngpeaks calendar. Those are the first 2 groups on the spreadsheet. The “sets” are what you do for each workout. e.g the heavy workout is 6 sets for each of the 3 exercises ( 6 sets of 10-12 for each exercise at the prescribed weights in the “heavy” box). Then the next workout is the same but the weights are taken from the 'light" box.

I thought hypertrophy was also 2 on 2 off. I’m seeing 4 and 5 days straight. And/or on 1/23/19 I’m seeing both light and heavy on the same day. I’m also seeing 2 adaptations on my calendar on some days. And, seeing some fairly intense on-bike work on some weight/resistance days–is this correct as well? Sorry very confused.

Hypertrophy is 2 on, 1 off and 2 on with lifting. So Monday and Thursday heavy and Tuesday and Friday are light days. They shouldn’t be on the same day. By chance do you have multiple plans loaded at the same time?

If you are on the advance plan you will have some riding on the same day as resistance. Such as muscle tension or during the strength and power phases you will do your explosive on the bike workouts on the same day as lifting days one day a week.

I have no clue whether there are multiple plans, I bought resistance with sweet spot plan, there are definitiely multiple hypertrophys and on consecutive days with no break. I don’t know how to rectify that

Sounds like you loaded the same plan twice but with different start dates. That would cause the effect in training peaks that you describe

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Without looking in your training peaks it’s going to be hard to tell.

My suggestion is go in under your plans and unapply them. Then reapply the plan you want to use and put in the starting date.

When I go to the ‘binder’ and click on ‘all training plans’ it sits and saying ‘loading’ and nothing’s happening.

Email us and I can have a look at your TrainingPeaks.

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I’m also having trouble with how to apply the spreadsheet: It appears to have 12 days of hypertrophy and my plan only has 8 (2 weeks). I’m also not sure how the worksheep corresponds to my calendar (I’m thinking a ‘session’ is one 2-day block?). I’m starting it this Monday: Should I be doing–

1st week Mon: Session 1 heavy; Tues: Session 1 light
Thurs. Session 2 heavy; Fri: Session 2 light

2nd week: Mon.: Session 3 heavy; Tues. Session 3 light
Thurs. Session 4 heavy; Fri. Session 4 light

My spreadsheet has also has sessions 5 & 6 (is that if my plan were to have 3 weeks instead of 2?)
Thanks again for clarifications! :slight_smile:

Those are sets - during the Hypertrophy Phase you’ll be doing six sets.

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Ah. Thanks so much for the clarification.


Thanks for asking those questions Mark. Saves me the bother and spread sheet now makes sense.

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