Resistance plan: Adaptation/MTI day


I’m starting my winter training with the resistance plan this year, I am Currently moving into week two of the adaptation phase. My question is, on the days which entail an adaptation Workout and also a MTI workout, Are these best completed straight after one another with less of a warm up/down in z2 for the adaptation workout, Or should I separate the two with 8 hours during the day, and have more of a warm up and down for the adaptation workout.

Enjoying this plan so far and hoping it will help me up my sweet spot capabilities when I start the 18 week SS plan

Many thanks


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I recommend doing the lifting first. That is what the focus of the training is with the resistance phase. Plus you’re trying to build towards your max so you’ll want to be more fresh for that. You’ll be able to complete MTI intervals with the lifting in your legs. May hurt more but you’ll get through.

As far as time gap it’s up to you. But if time you can go right from lifting to MTIs. It depends on your time. Some will do lifting AM and ride in the PM.