Gym Closing Two Weeks in December

I am about to start the 32-week Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Plan next Monday (11/23). I didn’t realize this until this week, but my gym closes for the last two weeks of the year to give their employees time off. Would it be better to:

  1. Repeat the first two weeks of the cycling plan and then pick up the resistance training when the gym re-opens.
  2. Continue on with the cycling and just pick up the resistance training two weeks late.
  3. Something else?

I don’t really want to buy the at-home resistance training. I’d have to buy equipment for which I do not have room.

Look, I know I’m late in the season starting the 32-week plan. I have no intention of completing the entire 32 weeks - that’d put me into July and I have events planned for late Spring / early Summer. Plus (and I know this isn’t cycling specific), I plan on a whole-body maintenance resistance training plan anyway throughout the year. I just want to add resistance training to my regimen.

Hi Joe,

So I would recommend that you just start the plan as is. Looks like you will be halfway through the adaptation phase when the gym closes. So you will just need to pick back up with the adaptation phase when you can get back. So the adaptation phase is about getting use to the weights and building towards your max. You may need to back down the weights, actually you will have to, after a 2 week break. So you may just need to add a week of adaption. You just don’t want to come back from 2 weeks off of weight training, go back to where you were and be so sore you can’t complete any work afterwards.

For the two weeks you will not be at the gym you can look to do more foundation work, yoga and Rev work which is in the plan. Continue movements off the bike if you can which should help. On the bike you will just have to do rides similar to the first 3 weeks of the plan which is the foundation plan. Muscle tension work, tempo and some sweet spot. Don’t over do it.

Thank you, Jake. I’ll do that.

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