Adaptation advice

Hi guys.

Can someone give me an idea of the progression they use over the 9 adaptation workouts. Please provide it in KG and show me the weights progression over the weeks. Ie what do you start and end with each day.

Just starting my adaptation phase having missed the weights last year due to injury.


Hello, sorry I dont have a sliding scale of my progress but looking at my adaptation phase heres what I did.
At end of Day 1
Squat 50kgs
Press 80kgs
Curl 10kgs
Throughout the phase I increased the weights sometimes in increments of 5kgs when feeling good and at other times 2.5kgs so mostly increasing squat weights by 10kgs each day - leg press increased some days by 15kgs as I found that easy going-took it easy on the leg curl by increments of 1kg . Dont know if thts any help as I see yu posted this way back.