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Added to TP and waiting for you guys to accept.

Great podcast today - just bought SSB 4 plan and really helpful to understand the why behind plan design.

First question… Attempted to start new SSB 4 plan this week and life happened so couldn’t FTFP on Wednesday. Well it seems the key workout of the week are the vo2s on Wed. Therefore I’m about to restart plan next week, instead of doing the 2 sets of 3x3-min jobbers tomorrow morning. Your thoughts?

Hi Brian!

So I shifted the plan from this week to next week. It is best to follow this plan pretty precisely. It is set up to leave you fresh before your Vo2 max efforts. So this weekend don’t over do it. You want to go into the plan fresh. I put in some workouts that should be good for this weekend.

You should get in some effort in on Saturdays sweet spot ride. Open up a bit more. Even though you want to be rested going into next week you don’t want to go into it feeling flat which can happen if you take it too easy and start to detrain. Tomorrow is the day to put that effort in.


Coach Jake you the man! Was going to do it myself, really appreciate such a quick response on a Friday night! Wow. Thanks again!


I haven’t done a field since late March, and took the opportunity to do that today as my final exam for (modified) 18 weeks of Sweet Spot Base. Some context… I’ve got really bad spring allergies from March-May, and that makes it difficult to FTFP. For reference my training age is 4 (this is my 5th season), and I’m 58 years old and worked at a desk most of my career.

Jan 28 - 234 FTP
Feb 3 - loaded 18 week plan starting from week 5
Mar 22 - 243 FTP
Jun 5 - 260 FTP

Threshold plans in 2018 and 2019 were a dead end.

Really really happy with FasCat plans. Thanks!