A newbie writes

Hi, I have just signed up for the 32 week off season resistance & SS training plan
I have come from TR and have been coached in the past.
I am 54
I’ve had a look thought the plan on TP and had a few questions

  1. I did a ramp test on Monday this week. Can or should I use the results from that?
  2. Living in a London, the chance of getting a 20 minute field test done is not realistic due to traffic. I have done indoor FTP tests before. Thats ok right?
  3. my schedule is a not a 9-5 M-F. I have Wednesday’s off and have lots of time to ride I have a slow coffee ride with on Fridays that I can’t miss. I can do a workout after that. How should I amend the plan to deal with this? Do I need to hire a coach for one month to switch things around?
  4. Will the plan be too much for me as a 54 year old? If I should reduce some training what should that be?
    Any thoughts would be appreciated
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To clarify question 4, what level plan did you purchase? Basic, intermediate, or advanced?

Hi Jake

Hi Andrew!

Welcome! Happy to help you out and hopefully answer some of your questions.

  1. You can use the results from your ramp test. Sounds like you are familiar with training with power so should have a good understanding if that effort is a good representation of your FTP. We however do find that that 20 minute field test is a better representation. So next time you come to it we would recommend that.

  2. You can do an indoor FTP test. Being indoors your power is probably going to be lower. So we typically take 5% of your 20 minute average power to come up with your FTP. However if this test is conducted indoors you may not take as much off. But if most of your training and intervals are done indoors it is good to have an indoor FTP power number to use.

  3. Yeah seems you could use some customization in your training. I’d recommend getting the coaching or maybe even the coaching subscription would suffice. J

To me it sounds like maybe you should have your training plan start on a Sunday as opposed to Monday. So your off days would be Sunday and Thursdays. Then you can have your long endurance days on Wednesday / Saturdays. Your hardest interval days would come Mondays and Fridays after your rest days. So you could need to do intervals after your coffee. But just a quick thought that sounds like it might be the way to go for you.

  1. Doing the intermediate level training is perfect for someone like you. If you just follow the plan, don’t do extra, rider harder than you’re suppose to, win in the kitchen and do all the proper recovery steps you should be just fine! If and a big if you needed to reduce anything just reduce zone 2 training time that comes after the interval work. But these plans are designed to allow most athletes to complete as is as long as they stick to it, recovery properly and get adequate sleep.

Thats a great response Jake, thank you.

what are your guys thoughts on using ERG mode for things 2x12 tempo workouts?

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Here is a great thread on that! For the most part, the FasCat coaches advise against using erg.

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