Recovery after a training camp

Hey there!

FTFP’ing here and just completed a (bonus) 6-days training camp in the end of my 30-off season training plan. ready to change to a interval plan from next week.

But how to arrange this week after the camp. I ended the camp thursday last week with a CTL increase of 15 ( accumulated to 85) but a final TSB (form) of 52!!

Today its monday and my TSB is still high of 25 and unsure what to do this week before the Race interval plan starts next week. When to do a FTP test? I have had some to two non-training days and one easy x-country skiing saturday.

Thanks in advance. I feel good today but have a bit sore legs still … :wink:

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Hey awesome @Morten1980 - how many hours and TSS/OTS did you accumulate from your 6 day training camp?

With training volume that high you probably need a rest week which are like the rest weeks from the sweet spot phase of your 30 week plan and TEST at the end of the rest week on a Saturday.

You can also use your Optimize score (training-to-recovery balance) to guide your training and/or more recovery day-to-day.

Hey Frank

I did 1140 TSS from saturday to thursday (6-days). It was my first self planned camp and studied your podcast episode and others about the topic.
Started off easy with a local long club ride (in zone 1-2) and then a shorter day with tempo and sweet spot intervals. That order of easy long - hard shorter days was repeated over the rest of the 6-day camp. The hardest climbs and longest day in the end!
To my big surprise, I actually felt better and better over the days!? Sure I had sore legs my could produce better watts over longer duration as the days pass by! I’m 42 of age so a bit surprised by restitution is pretty ok I presume ;).

Thanks for the tip. I recover a bit more and hammer the FTP test on saturday. I really look forward to the test :slight_smile:
Thanks for a good sweet spot plan and podcasts :wink:

Morten from Stavanger, Norway

… and I see I did 24 hrs give or take :slight_smile:

Take a rest week for sure @Morten1980 -

Given that level of volume and knowing what I know from experience and from what your data is telling you it is likely you would still be in the red today with Optimize.

Are you leveraging a sleep tracker with HRV? That will give you GREAT insight to how well you are recovering this week.

Also here is a Masters (@ 42 years old) recovery tip:

Okay, copy that :slight_smile:

I take it easy this week. No, unfortunately I do not have that gadget. Will look into that though - data is fun!

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