Race Across The West

I am looking to do the race across the west with a 4 man team in June 2022. We did the ride in 2018 and my CTL was 76, I was 45 at the time. I was feeling pretty sluggish by the end. Me and another rider did all of the climbing.

My plan for this round is to start the 10 week resistance plan in October then 18 weeks sweet spot. That leave me 6 weeks to hill climb intervals followed by a 1 week taper. At the end of the 18 weeks sweet spot the PMC is saying my CTL should be @82. I will be 49 at that time.

Any thoughts or changes you would suggest?



You should be good to go with the 82 CTL.

If you feel tired, like dead tired, you can take extra rest. Be sure to eat/hydrate well and get quality recovery and sleep at night - those things will get you that much further ahead!

Check out this podcast:

Keep on FtFP’ing!
-Coach Allie

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