Mega Base & big ctl (Frank question)

Hi guys
Been doing the pod cast thing on my long rides here in oz and think there great.
I’m Not a time poor athlete so ctl 110 max you say ?
Ok soo I do long training rides. 10 weeks into base now on 3 weeks on 1 week at 50-60% tss volume reduction.
Generally 1100 tss a week 600-800 off week. Involves long zone 2-3 and sst along with weekly SE work. (50 rpm)
My FTP is accurate and I have had my ctl up as high as 150 plus in the past. It is now around 105

Frank I’m 47 and can train 20-25 hrs a week pretty easy.(500-700 km week)
So my ? Is ctl can be driven up when not doing intervills or demanding vo2 ect ect with no detriment to health ?
I’m very healthy and am curious about the ctl when applying a massive base. I do 3 day blocks 1 day off in rotation.
I won’t be sharpening the sword until around July for a gravel event here in Australia.
It’s called Seven check it out.

Look forward to your response.
Also happy for you to look at tp if you wish.

Thanks guys keep up good work.

Welcome @micko119 - it depends. Timing is for sure everything for this event you are training for and you definitely want to use the PMC chart in TrainingPeaks to manage your CTL build.

What plan are you on? I’d highly recommend getting our Advanced Gravel plan for the six weeks prior to your event and the Advanced Sweet Spot Part 3 for the 6 weeks prior to that.

Then all you have to do is FtFP and focus on your R E C O V E R Y. Aka 8+ hours of sleep or more. Hope that helps - monitor your fatigue when going for it that much at your age (I’m older than you)

Thanks Frank
My current plan is my own and as I listened to you talkin* about ctl in us old blokes it raised a few concerns for me with the high number.
However pls correct me if I’m wrong here

The long old school base km I’m doing will punch up ctl as this is data only.
Yes I do watch my fatigue and I know when it hits 179-200 I’m pretty flogged. This happened2-3 times last year.
Training peaks is great tool for a visual of what you feel. Last year was a great learning curve as I was coached for6 months last year.
All my tp settings are set correct as per link you sent.

Ss3 looks great and I will be looking to get into this June -July once I know the event is solid due to Co-19

I will look at advanced Gravel however the gravel is pretty tight so it’s pretty similar to a road event.
Just a good amount of 3500 mtrs climbing as you seen.

Anyway thanks in advance for your response to this post.

I have been spreading word in regards to this site it’s very well done.
Rubber down :+1: