CTL Build to 200 miles Gravel Race

HI guys - newbie here so grant me some grace :wink: I am 13 weeks out from a 200 mile gravel race and decided to use the Sweet Spot Build and Gravel plans back to back. I already have a substantial base established so am somewhat confused when I reviewed the CTL “build” line in Training Peaks. In early January and through early February, my CTL was at 79 and holding steady (not increasing and the reason for turning to Fascat). But as I loaded both plans, my projected CTL hits 72 (May 15th) before tapering to 53 for the event. Am I misinterpreting CTL? Is this really setting me up for success? I know FTfP, but don’t want to be underprepared! Any help is appreciated - thanks.


Welcome @cmp2126 - you are on the right track , one thought:

If you’re CTL was already high (79) and you applied the intermediate plan - you should apply the advanced plan(s) which have more volume and will progress your CTL higher

Not entirely sure that is it but that’s where I would start to get your CTL higher.


Hi, @cmp2126 The form (TSB) is your fitness(CTL) less fatigue(ATL).
If I am trying to get fitter I try to create stress by increasing training load (fatigue higher than fitness) resulting in negative form.
Reduce training ahead of important races (positive form) and in periodic rest, weeks to recover

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Same here, man. I was advised to up the CTL, one must ride longer ; as long as it doesn’t interfere with workouts down the line.

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Thanks Frank - that appears to be the issue as I selected the Intermediate plans when purchased - Can you assist in getting both changed to the Advanced Plans?

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Send us an email: helpatfascatcoachingdotcom and @Lacey_Rivette will swap those out for you

Hope that helps and g’luck with your training!

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@cmp2126 You don’t even have to shoot me an email… I already swapped them out for ya!


@FRANK I’m in a similar boat with regard to CTL & know all too well that CTL is not the be all & end all. But just curios to know why my projected CTL drops after I’ve applied the SS1 and I’ve shifted the SS2 portion of the (weights+base 16 weeks advanced plan to after SS1).
As of today I’m sitting on CTL of 109 & +1 TSB, I’ve just completed Power Phase Week 2 Day 1.
Looking ahead to the end off SS2 (excluding the field test) my CTL will be sitting at 97 with a minus 12 TSB. As stated just curios to know as I was expecting an increase in CTL since it’s both the Advanced SS plans? TIA

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@Lacey_Rivette and @FRANK -THANK YOU both for such great customer service. I’ve substituted the Advance plans and it is putting me in a much better position for the race! Now on to FTfP’ing - thanks again!!

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Happy to help!
We like to keep our customer service fast, just like our athletes :wink:


One other thought… curious on Frank’s comments. Of course, having an accurate FTP is important to an accurate CTL build. I’ve noticed that after a build where I raise my FTP, carrying a high training load with a new FTP is harder at first until my body adapts. My question, does this make sense? It seems like physiological adoptions related to training load happen first, then you see a bump in FTP. Is my observation correct?


Yes, this does make sense.
The adaptations occur slowly over time and as you get stronger your zones will get “easier”. Once do an FTP test and bump up those zones, the new zones will inevitably feel harder as you are being forced to push past what you had done previously. As you keep training the adaptations will continue to occur and over the course of a few months of FtFP’ing you will notice an increase in your power output.

This is why Field tests are important. If you kept training at the same power you would see a plateau in your progress.