Which plan to use?

I am not sure which plan to go with for my training. Currently I am riding 4-5 times a week with a ctl of 55. According to a recent podcast, I can get that up to the 90’s since I’m in my 40’s. My goals are:

  1. Increase my FTP, sitting at 3.1 w/kg
  2. Increase my endurance to do longer rides, I’d like to do a few 100 mile rides this year
  3. Work on my times on some local strava segments

I have no races planned for this year. I purchased the sweet spot part 1 intermediate plan, but it doesn’t seem to be increasing my ctl a lot. Is there a better plan for me to start with?

Thanks for the help

Hi James - stick with it and keep going - it takes awhile to increase CTL (like 12-16- 18 weeks). Finish part 1 move onto part 2 and then part 3. There are long rides virtually every Saturday!

Model out your CTL using those plans above to see where you’ll be in 12-18 weeks. If you can ride more/train more, ask @Lacey_Rivette to bump up your plan from basic to intermediate (for example)

Add our Strava PR interval plan in there if you get inpatient and want to go hard. Cycle back to your sweet spotting.

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Great, thank you. I will work my way through the sweet spot plans then.