Question about Regeneration Week/Days

I’m going into week 4 of the 6-week Sweet Spot Part 3 Intermediate plan. I’m a little confused by the placement of the Regeneration off-days. You can see in the screenshot below I have a Regeneration Day on Tuesday and Sunday. Tuesday makes sense to me because there aren’t any other workouts planned for that day. However, Sunday has a Regeneration Day and a Sweet Spot Over-Under workout planned for the day. Was this a mistake? Should I be off on Sunday or should I be doing the sweet spot workout? Thanks!

The regeneration day on Tuesday doubles as a recovery day so that is fine. We jus present it as two different workouts in TrainingPeaks but they are one in the same (not riding)

As far as Sunday goes we are just reminding you that it is still a regen week** so don’t try to ride more than the prescribed during of 1.5 hours.

** because usually Sundays are for longer rides - except in regen weeks.

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