Moving sweet spot workout

Hi FasCat Coaching,

I am getting ready to begin my 5th week on the 18 week sweet spot training plan. I will not be able to do Tuesdays sweet spot burst workout as planned. I would like to move my Tuesday workout to Monday, then take Tuesday off. After that I would continue the plan as normal.
Is this something that you all would advise doing?
Do you think it is better to move a workout than skip it?

Hey Timothy! That is perfectly fine, and moving it is a better option than skipping for sure.
Week 4 is a regeneration week so you will have the “rare sunday off” as coach @FRANK likes to call it and thus you’ll be fresh for monday :ok_hand:t3:


Perfect! Yes, that’s what I was thinking with Sunday off it would work out just right.
Thanks Lacey :sunglasses::+1:t3:

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