Hey FasCat’s!
We’d love to see what you all have been up to, so if you have any good race pics, podium pics, or even just pictures from your adventures on the bike… Feel free to post them here…

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Ouachita Challenge on 3/21/21 in Oden, AR. 5th Place in men’s open.

This race features 2 IMBA Epic trails. This pic was taken on the famous Womble trail.

Great day on the bike!


Congrats on a great race @tgoods !!
This picture has me slightly missing the rooty, flowly trails down in the south!

La cumbre

my first place, Monterrey Mexico


Saturday’s work out during week 14 of the 18 week sweet spot TP, also first time I got out out of the basement and off the trainer this year too :slight_smile:

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@Lacey_Rivette , There are 2 good marathons in October in Bentonville, AR: Oz Trails Epic on Oct 16th and Pedaler’s Bash on Oct 30th. Both will start in downtown Bentonville and ride the Back 40 trail system.

4 hours and 70+ miles of Wyoming groad, before getting banished back to the Kickr on Sunday…


I did the Epic Rides OZ trails race when I first started racing! I think it was like my 4th race ever?
Peep me at 0:42 having the time of my life!

Those trails are so much fun!


You sure did make the best of the weather before mother nature went and ruined that! lol
It is doing the same to us up here in Boulder as we speak :weary:
Sure hope it is not doing that to you too @robert.volk !

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@Lacey_Rivette I appreciate the “hope” but the weather is getting us… The wind has been whipping since Sunday and I can see the snow heading over the Bighorns; back to the Kickr again… I am on regeneration week, and get my second Moderna this afternoon so I will knock out my intervals here in about an hour and then Coach @Isaiah hooked me up with back to back off days.

I hope Spring comes back soon for all of us!

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Outstanding! Hope to see you back. Looks like the Epic series is committed to rebuilding after 2020.

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I do too! Really hoping to do Carson City off road at some point as well.

A little known HC climb and hidden gem in NorCal:

Bring friends, no cell coverage!