I've been doing better every race

Yo FasCats, hope everyone is getting through their seasons alright. Just poppin’ in to say I’m seeing some cool results since I started the XC In Season Intermediate training. First race of the 5 race series was Sea Otter. 14th in my Category but we were on course with a bunch of others all at once. Felt like maybe 200 people passed me.
Second race was up near Nevada City. 2nd in my category, 20th overall. Only a few people passin’ me.
Third race, started at the back of the field. Only passed other riders. 1st in my category.
4th race today, off the front for 25 minutes before succumbing to some damage from an early crash (after which i was still ahead for awhile). Won my category and only passed by 5 or 6 people post crash.
Final race is in July and although I have enough points to show up and get a state champ jersey I’m still stickin’ to my plan.
Even though I had to miss a few training days due to injuries and sickness it’s been super helpful. Thanks to the FasCat homies for making these excellent plans. I’m gonna go slap some Tegaderm on my entire left side.


Right on @sebastianfotouhi - that is music to my ears. congrats on crushing your races! Hard work pays off! If you want to right click and ‘copy image’ your PMC chart in TrainingPeaks to share , that would be interesting.

Yes, tegaderm is THE BEST first aid bandage, sorry about the crashes. Good luck in your final race!