Post-resistance plan. Which part of 18wks of SS now?

I’ve seen a few ask similar questions, but thought mine may be slightly different.

I’m coming off of the 10 week (gym-based) resistance plan (ends this Friday) and will move into SS base from there (starting with the Festive 500, just to get my legs back used to more riding again and as I have done every year for a good while).

I have a hill climb race in mid-April and will use the hill climb intervals plan (as I did last year) for that.

Taking all of the above into account, would the first, second or third block of the six week blocks in the 18 weeks of sweet spot plan work best?

Here, I know my FTP and base fitness isn’t where I want it to be, so my only thought was that the final six week block may be a bit much for me right now.

Any steer would be much appreciated.

So with doing the Festive 500 now you will probably want a little rest week after that and coming off the resistance plan. Riding 500 miles in a week you really don’t need to be on a plan or do intervals. Just focus on endurance pace as the time to complete 500 miles will really rack up the TSS. This is sort of like putting together your own personal training camp. Remember you should try to do more when you are fresh, so early on. With it being 7 days you might want to squeeze a rest day in the middle. We have a great training tip on this.

*I’ve been debating partaking in this 500 mile challenge myself :thinking: *

So with your hill climb even in mid April and ideally you do complete the 6 week interval plan beforehand I would recommend you start with sweet spot 2. Also this will be better after the 500 mile week and rest week. You should be good to go! Get in as much of that as you can and sweet spot 3 before doing the interval plan.


Thanks so much for the thoughtful and thorough response, Jake. That’s very similar to what I was thinking, too.

By the way, the Festive 500 is only 500km as opposed to 500 miles (which would be around 800km). I may, however, end up closer to 650km anyhow, so I could make it a “training camp” week ( I’ll relisten to the relevant podcast, by the way!).

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500km!! Oh you just saved me a lot of riding possibly. :sweat_smile:


This year, you are allowed to do the challenge both indoors and outdoors (for the first time).

I personally will only count outdoors because I have that luxury this year, but, given you can do it indoors too, you should probably do 500 miles :laughing:

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