Planning for Ultra (210 Mile) June 2021

Wrapping up Sweet Spot Polarized Plan with great success! FTP is up 12w after first test and heart rate is down 15-20 BPMs.

Question…As I pivot to Advanced Hilly Gravel, I have a gap week next week to ensure that the next plan coincides with my main event on 6/26.

Should I treat next week as a regeneration week since the hilly plan is 5 straight weeks with a final taper week or add one more week (for 3 weeks straight polarized after a regen week)? In the second scenario, I would adjust week 1 of the Hilly Gravel to be a regenerative sort of week.

I’m leaning toward going light on volume this week and doing a sim ride next weekend and then hitting the last 5 straight before tapering.



Fitness 110
Fatigue 140
Form -40

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Hi @hoodkj -

With CTL that good - I like that plan for this coming week, a LOT: here are my rest week rules of thumbs:
2 complete days off.
Intervals Wednesday
Short Endurance Thursday
Off Friday
Big Gravel SIM ride Saturday - you should be feeling GOOD :muscle:
recovery ride or OFF Sunday.
Continue ON with your gravel plan thereafter.

Good luck !