Gravel Grinder Intermediate Plan Regeneration Week

Hi Coaches,

I’m finishing up my SS3 plan in a few weeks, have a regen week scheduled in after, and then I do the Climbing Plan followed by the Gravel Grinder Intermediate Plan. It’s all lined up so that the GG plan ends with my A gravel event.

I don’t see a rest week in the GG plan. That means I won’t have a regeneration week after week 4 of my climbing plan for about 7 weeks - the last 2 of my climbing plan and the first 5 of my GG plan - until the taper week (wk 6) of the GG plan.

Does that seem right? Even though most of those 7 weeks are about 600TSS +/-, in other words, not crazy hard, should I throw in at least a few more regeneration days or even full week? If so, where?


Hi Steve!

Now that you have a coaching subscription - please leave this question in your trainingpeaks account (per the instructions) and wait until your next 4 week review is.

I believe that is on the 28th of this month.

Thanks & good luck with your gravel season!

Hey Steve,
Like Coach @FRANK said, be sure to leave that in your coaching subscription feedback for the month that you need the rest break. Though as your coach for the subscription, I already know and have made notes for me to include that rest week for you in May when we get there :slight_smile:
So with that said, no need to worry. I promise we will have you riding fast AND recovering well :raised_hands:t3: