Group Ride Alternative

I’m doing the weight training plan. It calls for a group ride. I live in New England so a group ride n December is not really an option. Any ideas for alternatives.

Hard zone 2 with maybe some tempo or sweet spot efforts. You don’t want to get carried away during the resistance phase with piling on TSS so don’t over do it. If indoors you can cut the duration a bit and add some tempo efforts to match the TSS though and get done sooner.

Example: 4 x 10 minute tempo zone 3 with 5 minutes rest. Rest of ride zone 2. You can maybe spice that up to keep things interesting and ramp to sweet spot/ threshold every 2-3 minutes for a minute. Our indoor plan has similar workouts.

Our philosophy behind group rides is they keep things fresh. It’s good to get that mental break from intervals while still completing work. Not sure if you are on Zwift but that has many group ride options. Just need to avoid getting caught up in racing and going much too hard.

But the important thing is just riding. Your focus is on the strength training in the gym and the strength intervals on the bike. So just getting in some quality zone 2 is good enough. The CTL building comes after.

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