Plan recommendation - Gravel

Dear Fascat,

Right now I´m on the 18 wk sweet spot schedule to finish at March 21. I have a schedule Gravel race on May 15th (160k with aprox. 5,000 mts of climbing), for which I have on TP calendar the Gravel Grinder (Hilly) training plan (6wks) that start on April 5.

This leaves 2 weeks in between with no plan.

What should I do:

Option 1: End 18wk Sweet Spot early and start Climbing plan on March 1st

Option 2: Do 2 weeks of the Climbing plan in the in between weeks and then move to original start schedule for the Gravel plan.

Looking forward for your responses.


Hi Freddie!

So for the 2nd of the 2 free weeks I would recommend you do a regeneration week. This way you start the gravel plan fresh. Also the 18 week plan ends on a 2 week build cycle so you will add a week on and then a rest week. So that will keep with the 3 on 1 off training cycle.

As far as what to do for that one week I would recommend you just repeat week 11 of the plan. The is a solid 778 TSS week, so you would have another big week of training.


Thanks! I will change the plan accordingly.

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