Plan issue over the weekend

Hi FasCat
Hope you all well and safe, Firstly many thanks for your support
I have few issues and it is looking i will have the same tomorrow completing only the weekend plan

  1. Issue with the weekend ride
    They are not showing up on the Rouvy app. Neither syncing to the from the TP workout of the day
    I must import it manually but looks imported something else (a running excersise).
    I cannot ride outside hence i did it inside virtually, but it’s something not right as the Kickr set it to 123W which seems to me off the target for the hotpots.
    I am really worried that the weekend (Fri and Sat) plans i do not follow correctly as not showing the correct ride.
    The message in Rouvy as follow:
    TrainingPeaks workout of the day:
    You have other workouts of the day, But not supported by Rouvy. Please check the knowledge base

  2. TSS I thought it a 5&10 TSS grow per week but on the plan the first week Total is 346 and second Total is 386 and this looks a growth of 40 TSS per week. The second question is more like an inquiry than a problem as i am trying to understand my progress.

  3. If i prefer to stop Rouvy during my plans do i need another platform? or can this plan run directly from TP? or do I need to retain Rouvy?

Many thanks for your help and support
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  1. It sounds like and from what I can tell Rouvy does not support Trainingpeaks as a direct link. But I would look into the ability to drag and drop the workout file into Rouvy.
    Once you find out how to do it in the Rouvy app you can download the file from TP by clicking this

Double check your zones in all apps as that should help with any app you are using to aline with your TP workouts.

  1. Our plan ramp rate varies depending on the week and plan, so expect that to change throughout the plan.

  2. You are welcome to use any app of your choosing. I would say a majority of our athletes use Zwift.


To piggy back on what coach @Isaiah:
I think in reference to point #2, you are referring to your ramp rate. TSS is can vary greatly from week to week, but generally increases during your 3 weeks on and will drop during your regeneration week.

Your ramp rate, which refers to your CTL (Chronic Training Load or your “fitness”), will rise at a much lower rate than TSS and builds up over time based on the amount/intensity of training you are doing. Typically ramp rates are around 1.5– 3 for our basic 4-8 hour per week SS plans, 3-4.5 with the intermediate 8-12 hour plans and 4-6 with the 12-16+ hours per week advanced plans. Ramp rates should never exceed 10 points per week.

So for example if you look at your training in February your ramp rate (CTL) is 52>55>57 which is exactly what you are looking for being on the basic plan!

Note: you have to FtFP to make sure you achieve that ramp rate :wink:


Many thanks to you all for the answer
I much appreciate your support again

Also, I’m sorry if I am asking so many questions but your informations you provide are very valuable for me as I’m struggling listening to all the great podcast I’m hearing from your clients on this platform

Again thank you all and please stop me if is too much of questions

Best regards

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The more you know, the easier it is to follow the plan.
You will be an expert on it all before you know it :slight_smile:

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