Personal trainer advice

Hi fascats! I’m on the strength training plan, and it’s the first time I’ve lifted weights in a long time, and my first time ever doing squats.

I have a good gym that has both a squat rack and smith machine, but sessions with a personal trainer are expensive. I realize this is a good investment, not only for becoming a better cyclist, but I’m wondering about people’s experience working with a personal trainer, roughly how many sessions are useful to get good form to get the most out of training?

Thank you :pray:

I booked 2 PT sessions
30mins at start of plan to demonstrate good form squats/press/curl
1 hour to calculate my 1RM after 3wks Adaptation
Did the trick for me. Hope that helps.


Hi there - I am not sure how it is over in the UK but here in the US most gyms offer a complimentary personal trainer session with a new gym membership -

That’s all you need - that one session to be shown proper squat form and you are gtg.

You do not need a personal training to follow your plan. But don’t get me wrong, I am a HUGE fan of personal trainers and have learned a lot about strength and conditioning from them over the years like the use of a ViPR as demonstrated by one of my favorite personal trainers, Erin Carson of ECFit here


Thanks a lot @efty19, @FRANK, I’ve had a session so I’ll just continue through adaptation and see how comfortable I feel. Fortunately my gym is still open, but I’ll try to add in some vipr and balance work at home.

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