Strength Training at Home

Hi Frank and team,

With the current COVID situation I am not feeling motivated to attend any gyms for my strength training phase this fall. I have therefore been looking at investing in some gym equipment for the home. The dilemma I have is, do I really need a leg press machine or can I just get away with squats? A leg press represents a significant investment in cash and space so I was wondering what your thoughts are on missing out this element or is there an alternative?

Many thanks

I am with ya on this one Phil as I have been wondering this myself. I am lucky enough to have just about everything else I need for the home gym but the leg press machine has eluded me and good luck finding one for a decent price now. Interested in the Teams response as well!

Good question - we are recommending 3 pieces of equipment to make an at home gym - in addition to all the “Nino’s” work

1, Rogue Fitness Squat Rack, like this one:

  1. A ViPR tube, like this one (got 2 if possible a 6kg and a 12kg)

  2. Set of kettlebells


Just finished the 18 wk. SS plan and am starting to think about off season strength / weight / resistance training for next 8-10 weeks before I start the 16 week Resistance & SS program.

Noticing that the 10 week Weight Training for Cyclists doesn’t include any upper body work as Coach Frank indicated “upper body exercises do not improve power output on the bike therefore is outside our training plan goal”.

I get that upper body work is best in-season but can’t help to think it can’t hurt to get some in off-season.

Any ideas on how to supplement the the 10 week program w/ upper body work?


Thank you Frank, just seen your Podcast on this very same topic!

Similar question here. For an at-home version of the strength plan, do y’all have recommended replacements for the leg curls/leg presses? Would olympic lifts like cleans or deadlifts work?

An updated plan is on the way:


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