Weight lifting at home plan vs Regular weight lifting plan

Hello, I would like to purchase a weight lifting plan. I will be doing the plan from home, however, I do not plan on buying a vipr tube or a squat rack.
What I do have (or could see myself buying) are additional dumbbells (if needed), additional kettlebell (if needed) and I have a plyo box.
I am leaning towards getting the regular weightlifting plan and modifying or substituting any exercises as needed (e.g. for leg exercises I could do heavy lunges, Bulgarian split squat, single leg Romanian deadlifts, …).
Any feedback or suggestions would be welcomed.
Thank you.

The ViPR is quite possibly THE BEST strength movement there is. Skipping the ViPR and the squat is not advisable:

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You’re not wrong there Frank. Have been amazed at the results from the VIPR sessions. A must.


I’d offer up that while I am a long-time FasCat athlete, this past year was the first offseason weight training plan I have done using the Weight Lifting at Home Plan. I was skeptical of buying a VIPR and Squat rack as I’ve never done weight lifting to speak of. The at home plan is AWESOME straight up. The squat and VIPR movements took a little getting used to but the plan was so well laid out that I really enjoyed the whole process/progression over 12 weeks. I just finished my last week of the plan and am ready for some sweet spot baby. My only regret is how lonely my good friend VIPR will become until I do the plan again next year. Invest in yourself if you are able to, a VIPR tube and Squat rack are good investments for your cycling, health and your future. :muscle: