30WK weights/sweet Plan - Does it need a gym?

Hi there,

Can I do the weights plan in the new 30wk plan at home, if so do I need any specific equipment? I’m unable to get to a gym so hoping I can adapt the plan in some way? I’m doing Traka 200 and Unbound Gravel 200 in 2023. Thank you! Nick

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You need a squat rack, a leg press and a leg curl, either at home or in person.

We do sub out our at home program if you want but even that plan calls for the squat, vipr and kettbells.

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Thank you @FRANK ! Really helpful.

Apologies @FRANK one last question, I’m just looking at the ViPRs if I can only get one is a 4kg, 6kg or 8kg best? I’d like to buy two a 4kg and an 8kg but I’m not sure if your plan needs both and as such if I should just go for a 6kg? Thank you!

How can the home weight program be substituted once the 30wk program is purchased?

The easiest thing to do is leave a note with your purchase while you’re checking out. If you forget to do that, there’s a handy customer service chat box on the website that you can message us at.

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Hey Nick - I’m going through this program currently. The ViPRs are used in circuit training and are listed as “nice to have”, and not required. There are alternate examples of the exercise and other heavy objects can be used for that exercise - I’m using a dumbbell.