30WK weights/sweet Plan - Does it need a gym?

Hi there,

Can I do the weights plan in the new 30wk plan at home, if so do I need any specific equipment? I’m unable to get to a gym so hoping I can adapt the plan in some way? I’m doing Traka 200 and Unbound Gravel 200 in 2023. Thank you! Nick

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You need a squat rack, a leg press and a leg curl, either at home or in person.

We do sub out our at home program if you want but even that plan calls for the squat, vipr and kettbells.

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Thank you @FRANK ! Really helpful.

Apologies @FRANK one last question, I’m just looking at the ViPRs if I can only get one is a 4kg, 6kg or 8kg best? I’d like to buy two a 4kg and an 8kg but I’m not sure if your plan needs both and as such if I should just go for a 6kg? Thank you!