Optimization & training plan subscription

how are training plan accessed through this subscription. Is it still thru TP? DO they just populate the “Training Plans” tab similar to if you buy plans separately?

Hi Jon -

The plans will be in app and you’ll have unlimited access to all of them + all our workouts + our 2 winning in the kitchen meal plans. Plus OTS & combined power and wearable optimized score Like so :point_down:

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Does it have a training app built into it so that we can use it to carry out the workouts on our smart trainers?

Or does it require us to subscribe to yet another app such as zwift etc to do the workouts in erg mode etc?

You will not need any other subscription to FtFP :wink:

How you choose to FtFP is up to you - we are concentrating on building and designing the best training plans and workouts there are :muscle:

Sorry but that’s just not clear. Will you be providing an erg and or slope mode training app as part of the subscription

We are starting with unlimited training plans, workouts , meal plans , OTS and Optimize.

We will need a a few more months to develop and/or synch workouts to Zwift (or similar) , thanks!