TP upgrade link

Hi all, new athlete here. just added FC as my coach on TP. Where do i find the upgrade code to premium? also, if i signed up for the monthly as well as the cx plan do i get the upgrade for as long as the monthly or just 30 days. 1 more, I have been off the bike pretty much for 3 months but have been surfing, swimming and ebike hauling my daughter around waiting for a hip flexor injury to heal. should i wait to do my power test? of just go for it? a few weeks just getting back at it maybe? thanks, Matt

Welcome @mattnewman - see the “Start Here” for your TrainingPeaks upgrade code. Also there’s a similar email we sent you.

For help with training plans revisions and power file analysis - post your question/request in the “Members Only” section of this forum and we will go into your TrainingPeaks account, look at your plan, your data what you’ve done, missed, etc… and answer your question + revise your plan.

Hope that makes sense!