What plan next?


I finish the off season resistance & sweet spot program on Aug 2nd. My TSS will be 90 or so (almost maxed out for a masters cyclist). I then have 12 weeks to Phil’s Fondo and 15 weeks to the Fig Fondo my 2020 A events (assuming they go ahead with COVID19). My goal is a fast time in Phil’s double fudge and then the Fig. What plan(s) do you recommend next? I have 12 weeks so it that enough to squeeze in 2 plans? What about the taper? I was thinking the new polarize Sweet spot 4 followed by Phil Fondo plan? Also I had to modify the intermediate off season plan sweet spot as it wasn’t enough got me. I would really appreciate your advice?



^^ Yes, my thoughts exactly - perfect preparation!

Thanks Frank. I am torn between intermediate and advanced. I have added additional hours to the intermediate plan that I am currently following as the intermediate plan wasn’t quite enough. I have mainly done this by riding longer on a Saturday. I am curious does the Adv plan have significant additional riding mid-week vs Int (i.e. 2.5 rather 1.5 hour rides) , does it add at the weekend or both? Wondering whether I go Int and add or Adv and subtract? I guess I am looking for the middle ground between Int & Adv … sorry for being awkward …

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