CX: Off season progression

I’m getting ahead of myself but thought it best to still ask. I own both the CX Off Season and CX Bundle plans

With holiday travel and my gym’s holiday schedule, I won’t be able to start the CX Off Season until Jan 3. If I follow the bundle of CX plans, I won’t be hitting the “race and recover” plan until October 24. I suspect my CX involvement will fizzle out by Veterans Day.

Would it best best to follow the programs in order or would the “cyclocross intervals” be too intense for an “in season” plan? If too intense, how should I modify the progression of plans after the off season one?

Hi, I have a similar question. How would one pair the CX Off Season with the bundle? Do you roll right into the Summer Sweet Spot plan right after? Which plan is best to skip weeks from, since they won’t line up with cx season?

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My question is similar, but different in that I’ll be wanting to hold off peaking until the late season New England races, then Nationals. Long ways off, but want to know what sequence of plans will be best. I’m guessing I should start with the 30 week weights & Sweet Spot plan? When should that start? Then I’d like to do some long rides in August & early Sept, then cut back on miles and speed up for CX season…

Do the off season first (now) and then the bundle starts in the summer, #win-win

yes, roll right up but start the off season cx plan NOW and move into CX Summer Sweet Spot after

Thanks Frank, done deal. I’ll probably need to buy some more free weights…:wink:

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@ Wocketman, I’m also a NE CXer. This was my first season and I was surprised to see how quickly the season died down come late October. Seemed like few and far between besides the big hitters like Falmouth and Northamptom.

Well, my focus was on Nats (60+), so Orchard CX, Northampton, Shedd Park, and Ice Weasels were enough for me! It was better overall to stick with the plan than to try and do every race. Worked out pretty good for me. Not the top 10 I hoped for, only 30sec off that and beat a lot of guys that I usually don’t.

Hoping for a faster course next year, and I’m expecting to get faster myself. Always an optimist…:grin:

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Hi folks,
Well, I’m a few weeks into the off season CX plan. Going mostly ok (using free weights, hard to get to gym). Anyhow, I decided to look ahead to see what’s in store in the coming weeks. I found out that rest days saying “TGIF” are on Saturdays… Which is a bit odd since so far the longer workouts seemed to line up ok with the weekends (mostly). So I’m guessing that I should move the plan up a day. But when logging into TrainingPeaks, I can’t find where or how to augment the effective dates of the plan. I’m sure it’s easy, but I’m not finding it…

Thanks in advance for any tips.

Whoops, I’m an idiot. Just had to go on the Calendar page and look on the left. But…if I move the start date of the Plan, will I lose all the completed workouts currently loaded?

Fun to start seeing some New England CX races being posted. Counting down to Beverly already.

And Nationals are going to be in Hartford again…:+1:

YES! Pumped to watch folks kick butt there.

What website has the NE CX races posted?

Not bikereg, but some of the race specific sites. Really Rad and Beverly, as well as one in CT I enjoyed