Off season CX Timing

Frank has been helping me out on getting started on this plan for CX 2020. I’m on my first week, so if I need to adjust and start later, no big deal, just let me know. If all is good, I’m off to hill repeats tomorrow. Feel free to take a look at my trains peaks from the past if you need to. I’ve used it for quite a while and should have almost everything load up on it. I chose to start now, so I could get most of the weight training out of the way when the weather is not as great. With that being said living in Texas, some of our best weather days are in the winter. I also know that will be taking small vacations between now and end of this plan, so if I need to move somethings around Ill have time.
Looking forward to working with you. I’m very impressed with how your program works so far.

Hiya @mikeaguayo - I took a look at your TrainingPeaks and everything looks good - you had a 3 week-ish break and will come off this 24 week off season plan just in time to do the CX Summer Sweet Spot.

Keep us posted of your progress and ask questions here if anything come up. CX Champions are made in the off season so #FtFP and good luck! :muscle: