Getting back to training

Hello FasCat,
COVID hit and life/work got in the way, so I haven’t been training much and need some advice on getting back into my training. I purchased the CX off-season 24 week plan, but haven’t started it. I’d like to do some lifting this year, but not sure if I’ll too late to start this plan. I usually do the summer CX starting in June, so just trying to figure out where to start now. Is there a better plan (rather than the 24 week plan) that will lead me into summer CX? I would love some advice.

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Hi @melissabarkertamplin - well, it’s like I always say, ‘no better time to start, than today’

That said, I recommended a condense version of the off season cx plan to accelerate your training frim now till June and then begin your Cyclocross Summer Sweet Spot (as planned)

Take the 10 weeks resistance training of your plan and edit it to be 6 weeks of the following
2 weeks Adaptation
1 week Hypertrophy
1 week Strength
2 weeks of Power

You can edit and splice up your plan as described here:

Hope that helps, hup!