Choosing the right offseason CX plan

After two years of self-coaching, I’m looking into the 24 week offseason CX plan to save myself some time and get the gainz, because #crossiscoming! From experience I have a pretty good idea of where my CTL needs to be at the start of the season to compete in my local scene. What sort of TSS will we reach at the end of the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced offseason CX plans? How much will we grow CTL in the sweet spot plan that follows? I’ll use that to select which plan is right for me.

Also, how do the training plans deal with rides that may not use a powermeter? Are we using HR based zones in addition to power zones?

For reference, I’m a 35 year old Cat 2 with 2020 'Nats aspirations. Last season my average training load was 12 hrs per week.

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Awesome - only 51 more weeks till #crossisHERE! Take a 2 week post season break. Don’t think about a plan until Jan 1st (if you raced a full season).

Then do our 24 Week OFF Season CX Plan

then this plan progression:

Hi @steve.d.herman! Welcome to Fascat. I look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Thanks for the replies, guys. I didn’t quite get what I was looking for, though. I’ll send you an email to the help address!

Hey Steve - got your email but what you are asking for is coaching help beyond what’s provided in our plans. Our plans are an incredible value but you are coaching yourself. The questions you are asking are what we do as coaches :slight_smile: We tried to elaborate on that in a recent podcast here:

If you’d like to hire Coach Brandon, you may do so here:

Thanks again! I’m comfortable analyzing my power files and accommodating my unique situation, so for now I think that the a la carte training plans will be perfect for me! I went and picked up the Secret Training Offseason CX Training plan and I’m pumped to get started!

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