Normatec Legs? Do they actually work?

I know theres been some mention in the recovery pods etc about the Normatec legs. I was curious if anyone has had significant experience with them, or could point me to some reliable studies. So far the research i’ve found has shown somewhat conflicting result as to their actual impact on recovery from study to study, but i’m wondering if theres more definitive work out there that i’m missing.

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There will be no definitive studies because of the impossibility of true controls (i.e. riders will always know they are using those). The placebo effect is real and powerful.

Hi @alexdelicata -

I have been using “Space Leg’s” regularly since 2010 - they are like getting a massage from the convenience of home. They make my legs feel good. And I get the sense they help me recover to follow my training plan. I use them for one hour after training on the weekends sitting on the couch and then 30-45 minutes after hard workouts during the week.

Do they ‘work’ - think it’s important to define what ‘work’ exactly is. Anecdotally myself and the athletes that I know use them, will say yes. The scientists may be behind in being able to prove they work due to the cost and difficulty of performing a scientifically valid study.

We covered the normatecs in these 3 podcasts and videos:

We sorta covered them in these 3 podcast/videos but have never dived in deep (maybe we will thanks to your question :wink:

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I was gifted a pair of these and really enjoy having them! I try to use them daily sitting in a recliner before bed. I find that it helps me relax at the end of the day. I have significantly increased my riding time this year and legs always feel fresh and ready to do the work! I think the key is getting that downtime constantly to relax and unwind, the boots remind me to use them to achieve that goal.

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