EC Fit App Question

Hi Guys,

Sorry to post two questions within one day, but I was listening to your last podcast and heard you talking about the EC Fit App.

I downloaded the app and went to the web site to look at the programming available. There was no cycling-specific program on the site but there were programs for runners and triathletes.

I am wondering which program you advocate or use? I am guessing one of the triathlon programs since triathlon contains a bike leg?

Dave Cencer
Cadillac, MI

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Hiya Dave - look for the one( with Seep Kuss:

Nice!! Somehow I totally missed this. Thanks!!!

Thanks again – just purchased the plan and took a look in the app. This looks great!! I would highly recommend to anyone on the fence.

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Does access to the ECfit workouts laid out in the AtHome Strength plan cost money, or does that come with the plan (like the yoga glo)?

Some of Erin’s content is free and some you will need to pay for.

It is bonus/optional for extra credit to your FtFP’ing - we just wanted to share the resource if you so wished - the movements she will educate you on are mostly captured in the video I did with her here:

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