Power Imbalance

Good evening fellow Fascats. I have a question regarding a power difference between legs. A little background on myself. About 8 months ago I was hit while riding and have been recovering since. My questions is has anyone had an issue with a weak leg after injury and if so what did you do balance it back out? My left leg and right leg balance has always been pretty even however now after beginning a hard training plan the imbalance has begun to rise to about 20% to 25% on a given day. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated? My thoughts are that my right leg due to training may be getting stronger at a quicker rate than my left or I may just need to do some single leg focused lifting. I have a century ride I am doing Nov 22 as well and am thinking of starting that afterwards. Thank you

Hello Bop,
After a prolonged groin injury I found that simply concentrating on the weaker leg during excersices wiil focus your power on the weaker leg. Also specific push - pull pedalstrokes with your lesser leg will help.
20 - 25% is a lot though🤔

I found seeing a massage therapist helped keep me straighter on the bike and improve my L/R balance while I was working through some muscle imbalances caused by other issues.

The one legged ViPR exercises and single legged squats are my recommendation.

Coach @Christian can hook you up with those!

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I had a similar large imbalance on my power pedals after a long break - it turns out that it was a calibration issue so it may be worth changing batteries and ensuring a full install and calibration protocol because that level of imbalance sounds very very high! best of luck with your rehab in any case

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