SoCal Bike PT Strength Program

After falling down a solid Youtube rabbit hole watching the Vegan Cyclist, I heard about him doing the SoCal Bike PT Strength program (Glute Doping). I was curious if any FasCat’s have used this program along with their coaching/training plans? Seems like it focuses on injury prevention and strength while still following a structured plan. Just curious if others have experience with something like this.




I finished the program in mid Dec to work on some imbalances I had before I hit the gym. The program focuses on activation and strengthening the glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, core etc. But strengthening from the foundational perspective, not from a strength training perspective. I think in the 12 weeks, I used a kettlebell for one exercise. You primarily use bands for resistance. It’s well thought out in its progression.

If you are looking to build a strong foundation, then I highly recommend the program. If you are looking for a strength training program, this isn’t it.


Agree with what @ntnyln says, I use it throughout the season when I reduce my gym work as it’s much lower impact but keeps a lot of the strength one builds in the gym while also making sure you are solid on the bike.


Thanks @ntnyln @THowe ! This is what I wanted to know.

Coach Jake has me finishing up with my in the gym strength training in a few weeks which has been fantastic. As you mentioned, I’d like to keep the strength I have gained in the gym but also increase my glute activation, improve my foundation and flexibility as well. I think I’ll give the program a try.

+1 on the recommendation. I did the program last January as my knees were a limiter on getting the most out of my FasCat plans. Think of it as a great addition to the hydrant and skater exercises.

I also like the format allowing you to complete at a time convenient for your day. His “reverse nordics” are :hot_face: but a band, small step stool, and pillow/thick blanket are all you need.


At $197 for a 12 week program seems expensive.

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that’s about the same as one visit to a PT though. After a few issues over the years caused by imbalances and activation issues requiring multiple PT visits to sort out, $197 of “pre-hab” seems like money well spent.

full disclosure, I have not done the plan, just general observations about pre-hab type work.

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I found out it is $197 for the program but when you purchase, it’s your to keep to use whenever.

he often has 20ish percent off deals a few times a year.

I will have to look into this. I’m currently doing a program from David Grey Rehab that focuses on breathing/core along with his other programs for lower body and upper body. Like the one mentioned above it is more of a balance thing, especially with the hips. I know I have an issue with my right leg so figured I’d give it a try and bought the whole set on Black Friday. May try the above mid-season if I get bored.

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