Questions on Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Training Plan

I have been listening to your podcasts recently and I just purchased the Resistance Training + Sweet Spot Training Plan. I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts and I’m looking forward to doing the training plan. With that, I do have a few questions overall regarding the training plan:

• It looks like the strength training is focused on the lower body. Do you recommend any upper body strength training to supplement that? I know Nino’s Circuit Training is included so is that sufficient for core / upper body or anything else recommended.
• For the leg exercises (squat, leg press and leg curl), I have a gym membership where these are all available, but sometimes it is easier and quicker to do a workout at home. I do have a squat rack and leg curl at home; however, I don’t have a leg press. I have a hex bar, dumbbell set, barbell set, and a few kettlebells. Are there any alternatives to the leg press that I could do with any of those if I wanted to do some of the workouts at home?
• Most of the races I do are around 2 hours in length. Some of the bike training looks to be 2 to 4 hours in length. I’m sure it can’t hurt to do the longer rides regardless, and I know in listening to one of your podcasts, certain things happen physically after 3+ hours; however, if doing shorter races mostly in the 2 hour range, is it necessary to still do longer rides or could I shorten those times?

Thanks in advance for any guidance on the above items or direct me to another thread if already been answered and I just missed the thread.


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Hey Brent,

There are always alternative workouts to do as opposed to the three we prescribe. The reason these are the ones we prescribe are they are the most basic and use the specific muscle groups we are focusing on. Instead of lunges you could do weighted wall sits or walking lunges. Though these will get difficult to do during some of the phases. But you can give it shot!

As for any upper body strength training that is up to you. Doing some lifting can be good, but it adds time to the training. So for most they only time for one or the other. So that is why we prescribe only the lower body. But you could add some upper body during rest periods such as incline bench press, seated row, overhead press and etc.

As for doing longer than 2 hour rides this is all about building your overall fitness and CTL. So you want to do these longer rides to build an aerobic engine. Having more fitness helps your recovery and fitness even in shorter races. However once you get withing 3 - 6 weeks of your goal races you would cut down the duration and focus on race specific intensity. We call these simulation rides. Something that will specifically help you’re racing. However you would still do an occasional endurance ride as not all your rides can or should be full gas. So doing one of our interval plans that is specific to your even would be perfect after the base / sweet spot training.

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Thanks Jake! Appreciate the quick response and guidance.