Final week of sweet spot

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I’m in the final week of the advanced 18 week sweet spot training. This was after the resistance plan. Miracle results - lost 33 lbs since Jan 01 followed a largely plant based diet. The training schedule never left me tired. Looking forward to the ftp test next week. Was 297 in Jan so keen to see if I’ve improved. As a 47 year old, I’ll take that if it has.

However I’m really not sure what to next with everything cancelled In the UK. I was going to compete in club time trials for the first time, but unsure if that format will return this year. I can see my friends doing well in their PRs and KOMs and have ftfp even though it’s been really tempting to have a go.

I’d like to see where I could get my FTP to this year, get some KOMs but have my legs ready in case TTs come back in July, Aug or September.

After 18 weeks I kind of feel like I’m ready to go into the next thing but don’t want to waste all those gains? What would you suggest?


Congrats on a successful start to your training! Sounds like you have been doing some serious #FtFP’ing! You are seeing the results of your hard work. We are all in a bit of holding pattern and determining what to do with all our fitness.

There are really a few ways to go depending on what your goals for this season. Some are going to be racing well into the fall with the season being pushed back so they maybe more in a maintenance phase. Others maybe looking for outlets right now and get in some intensity whether Zwift racing or chasing Strava segments. No wrong answer just have to find what you want to do!

Sträva segments can be a great way to get in some intensity in after a long base period like you have! Normally after completing the 18 weeks of sweet spot we would suggest an interval plan. Well we actually do have Strava KOM plan that would be great to complete over the next several weeks.

If you were going to do some time trials and look to do specific FTP work we actually do have a time trial plan. So could even do that. I feel the Strava plan would be more fun and would still include some threshold work. But if you were looking to do some time trials specifically this would be the plan.

You won’t lose really any fitness while doing either of these plans. Your CTL may flatting and maybe drop as you are doing shorter more intense work and that is ok! Good to change the training. Up. After several weeks of intensity you can return back to the last 6 - 10 weeks of the 18 week sweet spot plan to build it back up over the summer before late summer and another kick of intense interval training.

Thanks Jake for your swift reply. That feels excellent advice and I am really tempted by the Strava plan and it would be great to have a blast for a few weeks. As well focusing on PRs, would this help increase my ftp? I really like doing VO2 Max type interval too. Would a coaching subscription be useful with a plan like this? Finally, if my ftp test is Tuesday, would I start the plan in TP on Monday?

Many thanks for your support

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Yeah the Strava plan would help increase your FTP! It is fun way to get some hard training in.

When you choose the Strava plan there are two options. Ones for segments less than 15 minutes and one for segments over 15 minutes. Both plans will have some threshold intervals but the plan with less than 15 minute intervals will have more Vo2 max work as your segments will be anaerobic based. Either plan will help your FTP.

As you can see physiological gains for threshold happen across zone 3 - 5.

For next week I would recommend you repeating your last regeneration week. This way you start the plan fresh! There will be a FTP test / segment test to start the plan on Tuesday so no need to do two that close. Go fresh into this effort!

Thanks Jake, I’ve programmed in the recovery week And will do the test next week. Just a further question, I have segments I want to target that 50 minutes and also 10 minutes. Which option would help best?

Btw - couldn’t open the link but would be very interested to read.

Many thanks


Hey Matthew,

Well 50 minute and 10 minute efforts are using different systems. A 10 minute effort is more Vo2 max and while 50 minute is threshold effort. But just go with the Strava KOM plan. I think you would really enjoy that. Choose shorter one for your 10 minute effort. Your 50 minute Strava you could do as well coming off a long sweet spot base plan. You would be riding just above your sweet spot pace so you should be familiar with that effort.

Here is sweet spot training.

Thanks Jake - I need to have a think really. I’m tempting by the under 10 minute plan as it dies sound fun but my strength is longer. Out of interest, does Fascat offer a one off consultation and analysis of strengths and limiters (as Friel would say) and therefore the kinds of goals a cyclist should go for?

Don’t limit what you should do based on your ability but based on what you want to do. Very few of us make money on results. And without any racing in the near future it doesn’t hurt to train weaknesses at the moment or do something different.

We don’t really have anything at the moment that would look over all your data and tell you what you should do or your limiters. We can do a quick look at some of your previous data in our coaching subscription and help you come up with a plan.

Then also here is a great podcast on when to buy a training plan and when to hire a coach

Thanks Jake - that’s great advice and thank you for your time.

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Just to let you know I’ve gone for the Advanced <15 minuter plan. I can focus on some of the shorter PRs and that sort of output is a limiter for me. I’ll still have a crack at the longer ones though :grinning:

Just conducted the ftp test after the 18 weeks of sweet spot and it has risen from 297 to 317. There was probably a little bit left in the tank but not much. It really shows it works. This at the age of 47 is my highest ftp since I’ve been riding (10 years). This with the 35 lbs in weight loss This year is a brilliant result. The sweet spot plan really works. Now for the Strava plan - I want to see if my Ftp will go higher :grinning:


DannnnnnnnnnNNGG, awesome @greenleys - the FTP should go even higher now that you are switching from “BASE TO RACE”. Excellent job FtFP’ing!

Thanks Frank- It’s done my motivation the world of good