No FTP Field Test Planned?

@FRANK, @Jake, I am completing the resistance phase and beginning SS Part1 next week. I don’t see when to perform an FTP test, the only tests I see are at the second week of Part 2 and end of Part 3.

I thought I read in a thread somewhere that there should be a test done at the beginning of the SS part 1. When should I test?


In the 32 week plan we have you test on Day2 to get a starting baseline, and then next on week 21 (after SS1). We do this so you have completed the resistance program and have a full build on the bike in your legs. This optimizes the tests and keep you from doing them too frequently.




I looked back and there it was, of course.

I have a somewhat unique situation @Isaiah

I had brain surgery in September and got the green light to ride at an easy pace in mid-October. My 32 week plan started October 14, but because of the restriction couldn’t do the test or any of the workouts really, just easy workouts, about 1/2 the TSS.

Toward the end of November I was ok’d to ride with no restrictions and used interpolated value derived in WKO5 for FTP. Seemed reasonable at the time as I had no idea after 5 months off the bike.

Now I am ending the resistance phase. I know what my FTP was on the day of the crash, and I know what WKO5 thinks it is now (not the same, as expected). Surprising, the figures aren’t too far apart, W’ is very different, again expected.

The difference between the 2 FTP values is enough to make me slightly over or under-shoot the SS zone.


ahh I see.

With skipping the first test and to keep you from guessing at numbers I would suggest testing then on the 20th (one week into the SS1). This will give you one week out of the gym to get the legs going again and after only a moderate weekend. Just substitute for the workout that day.


I’ve deleted the first SS 3X8 on the Tuesday and plugged in the Test.

Thanks @Isaiah.